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Resources and Support in New York

Medical Marijuana in New York

  1. Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act
  2. Social and Economic Equity
  3. Medical Cannabis Program FAQs
  4. Find a Medical Dispensary
  5. Adult-Use Cannabis License Application
  6. Cannabis Growers Showcase
  7. Adult-Use Cultivator Information
  8. Adult-Use Processor Information
  9. Adult-Use Distributor Information
  10. Adult-Use Retail Dispensary Information
  11. Microbusiness Information
  12. New York Social and Economic Equity Plan
  13. Report an Incident
  14. Cannabis Advisory Board
  15. Cannabis Control Board
  16. Cannabis Compliance Training & Mentorship Program
  17. Cannabinoid Hemp Program
  18. Medical Cannabis Research
  19. Cannabis Industry Employment Opportunities
  20. Public Health and Safety Regulations
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